January 10, 2012

{Southwestern Chic}

A dear friend of mine just recently moved into her own apartment and is investing in some DIY projects for her home {jealous}.   Today, she brought over some of her things and spent the afternoon finagling.  We didn't think to take the before shots, but photographed the finished product.  We began with reupholstering an old ottoman with this fabric that had a bit of a southwestern appeal to it.  to go with the ottoman, she picked up a pair of hanging antlers and decided to spray paint them gold.  The third project unfortunately was not photographed because it did not dry in time.  Its an old coffee table we painted black and then appliqued some lace on the top.  After it was dry we sprayed it over with the gold spray paint and removed the lace, it gave it a really great antique detailing.  It turned out so great, I died.  I look forward to some more of these projects!

1 comment:

  1. Nice work on the upholstery!! I love those antlers, too :)