November 29, 2011

Suit up


This is my take on the classic pant suit.  I think black pant suits are like little black dresses; everyone should own one.  They are very versatile and great to accessorize.  I paired mine with my beige linen mens blazer, a teal suede belt, brown ankle slouch boots, and this handmade necklace.

November 26, 2011


It's that time of the year when I can pull out all my sequins clothes.  This is one of my favorite sequins topes.  It has a feather design with mesh on the neck line (and also on the hem of the shirt but I tucked it in today). I wore it with my high waisted levi shorts with some tights and these wonderful harness wedge boots with socks.  I added on the headband for a color pop and because I love the headband (I added a feather clip on that I made for fun too!) Definitely still have lots more sequins to break out this year!

November 23, 2011

Holiday Dressing

Today I layered these two lace chiffon skirts; the top one is a shorter pink with black lace detail, and the one underneath is a long knee length lace skirt.  I love the two together, they work so perfectly.  I paired it with my plaid button down to give it a touch of irony, and tied it to add the feminine appeal.  I work my leather vest with fur detail and then paired it with this belt and boots.  Perfect holiday attire!

November 18, 2011

Modern 40's

 I've noticed I have been wearing a lot of black lately, but it is just such a great color to wear fun accessories with.  This is a great vintage dress that I picked up not too long ago with a great layer tie top detail and also some fine detailing on the sleeves.   I wore my vintage cheetah print belt just underneath the top layer so the gold buckle detail showed on the side and my gold necklace.  It has a little bit of a modern 1940's look to it. I love.

November 17, 2011


    "Seasons may change, but 'll remain the same..."

November 16, 2011

Dark Romance

Today's inspiration was an edgy Romantical look.  I used a lot of layers and different types of silhouettes in this outfit.  I outfitted my lace slip skirt under my sheer asymmetrical striped dress and then on top of it all a black spandex three quarter sleeve dress.   I love the way its flowy and whimsical on the bottom and then a little edgy at the top.  Paired it with my heeled lace up rodeo boots and this handmade necklace. 

November 15, 2011

If the shoe fits..

If ever we face a day where our clothes don't seem to fit, we can always rely on our feet to remain the same size so we can wear great shoes...

November 14, 2011

Monday Myth Buster

I get asked at work a lot, "Can I wear Navy with black?" The answer, Yes.  Modern fashion throws all outdated rules out the window. Black/Navy, Black/Brown, doesn't matter.    Choose lighter navy and brown hues to wear with black, or like these photographs, mixing a printed navy with black. These days, in the world of fashion, anything goes!

This is a Navy polka dotted skirt worn with a knotted basic black t-shirt.  I paired it with this Navajo inspired cropped blazer and my tan ankle boots with buckle detail.  Myth number two, is showing your midriff too revealing? As long as you are tasteful in how you go about it, showing a little bit adds great personal detail to an outfit.  For example, I like to wear high waisted longer skirts and tie basic t-shirts in a knot just so a little shows.

November 11, 2011

Thrifty Friday

Today, I found some great stuff to add to my Etsy shop!  The zoo of brass animals is a great assortment of jewelry holders! they work really great as gifts for the holidays, or even if you want to keep them for yourself.  The next set of photos are just a couple samples of some party trays I am making out of vintage glassware.  Perfect for holiday parties.  As one of my friends put it, you could also use them as a trinket or jewelry holder. So versatile!  Much more to come!

Not so fast

Not ready to pack up your favorite open toe shoes quite yet? It may be cold, but who says you can't still wear them?  Pair them with any toe'd tights, a pair of ankle socks, or both.  The socks definitely give your shoes a boot-esque feel and can also add a great color pop.  I've heard it many times "I cant pull that off".  Well I say lay those inhibitions to rest and be bold! It's a great look without having to break the bank on a new pair of closed toe shoes.  Expand your creativity and try it out!

November 9, 2011

Yes to the dress

Nothing is more thrilling then going out on a shopping trip and finding something to die for, and this dress, I die. It's difficult to capture the essence of its greatness with photos and words.  The structure of the dress is wonderful, but the print of it definitely makes this dress worth the buy.  It's extremely flowy and just the perfect amount of sheer.  I added my new vintage belt with it to add some structure to it and then paired it with my vintage ankle boots. I have so many ideas for layering this dress I couldn't be more excited!

November 8, 2011


These are the beautiful lights that inhabit my bedroom. I love light fixtures.  As it is I am currently working on making two new hanging lights (you'll have to come back to check those out when they are complete).   The first is a lamp that I made from a fantastic Victorian inspired birdcage.  At night when its lit, it makes the most beautiful pattern on my wall, I absolutely love it.  The second one is a vintage hanging light that I found with an amber glass.  The canopy that surrounds it is something I made inspired by a work project I had to do last spring.  The light is my favorite part about my bedroom.

November 7, 2011

Brass Mouse

My latest Decor score; a Brass mouse ring holder.  It could not be more perfect!  Added bonus, it looks fantastic next to the antler jewelry holder.  I am sensing some sort of theme here...