November 14, 2011

Monday Myth Buster

I get asked at work a lot, "Can I wear Navy with black?" The answer, Yes.  Modern fashion throws all outdated rules out the window. Black/Navy, Black/Brown, doesn't matter.    Choose lighter navy and brown hues to wear with black, or like these photographs, mixing a printed navy with black. These days, in the world of fashion, anything goes!

This is a Navy polka dotted skirt worn with a knotted basic black t-shirt.  I paired it with this Navajo inspired cropped blazer and my tan ankle boots with buckle detail.  Myth number two, is showing your midriff too revealing? As long as you are tasteful in how you go about it, showing a little bit adds great personal detail to an outfit.  For example, I like to wear high waisted longer skirts and tie basic t-shirts in a knot just so a little shows.

1 comment:

  1. I've always wondered about the navy and black thing, too....and after 52 years, decided, hells yes, why not!? ;) But I'm still glad to actually hear it's OK lol