December 2, 2011

Retro Accessory

                                                                                              This is definitely one of my top ten favorite vintage finds.  It's a small suitcase with retro floral print.  When I saw it I immediately had to have it for my laptop.  It fits like a glove, and a lot easier to carry instead of lugging it in an oversized bag or purse. Those cute little flower arrangements accompanying my bag are little flower vases that I made out of some recycled wine bottles.  I always like to find ways to reuse them because I think they are so interesting and pretty.  The colored glass ones are my favorite and look best in front of a window with some natural lighting shining through them.  I hope  this inspires some of you to think of some ways to recycle everyday objects and maybe make some interesting holiday gifts out of them! The best gifts are the homemade ones.

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